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Valentina Moreno
Pop Rock



VALENTINA MORENO is a young and talented singer-songwriter and performer with an impressive show: powerful on stage, fresh and innovative musically, making a big impact on the currently emerging alternative pop-rock scene.

Her unique and unmistakable voice, with a vintage sound of timbre calibrated vocals reminiscent of Amy Winehouse's roots and Tina Turner's wildness, transports us to the essentials of soul, R&B and classic rock without masking her young pop spirit invaded by urban sounds. 

Highlights: his tour of more than 60 shows in the Riviera Maya (Mexico) with producer Facundo Chemez and his collaboration with producer C.J. Eiriksson (producer of U2's Grammy-winning 'No Line On The Horizon'), with whom he composed and recorded two songs to be released in October 2024.




New releases: VALENTINA MORENO Live Session by PANDA Estudios (March 2024), live sessions recorded in co-production by the legendary PANDA Estudios Buenos Aires, in collaboration with renowned emerging artists such as: ERNES, Santi Muk, Mix Corleone, Martina Brito, Salus, among others.

AMBIVALENCIA (2023) Their first studio album, produced by CACO (a young and talented Argentinean music producer), which includes singles of songs with profiles fused between 90s pop-rock, reggae and urban. Notable singles include: Perfume de tu Piel, Manos de Veneno and De Telenovela, as well as Spanish and world music-influenced works such as So Good and urban tracks such as Rec and Se Le Ve.

In 2023 he releases the techno-pop single: Como si fuera que soy tuya, a fusion with other elements or rhythms for a different dynamic of the song. Produced by CACO.

His first single, Perfume de tu piel (2021) had a live version, produced by Facundo Chemez (with whom he toured the Riviera Maya, Mexico that same year).

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