Guarda la tosca - jazz folk

Guarda la Tosca has caught the european programmers’ attention during 2016, thus consolidating their first European Tour through Spain, Holand and Poland during October-November of this year.

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She is finishing her new album scheduled to be release in April 2017.  Mariana Carrizo confirms her 2017 tours.  Fernando Herrera, pianists and Miguel Rodriguez, guitar player will accompany Mariana Carrizo in the european tours.  Mariana Carrizo...

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Respiraré, new album by Martha Galdos.

With the musical production by Pepe Céspedes, the famous musician who plays with Susana Baca and pioneer of peruvian jazz, Martha Galdos, in her new album, converges afro-peruvian rhythms with several jazz styles and world music sounds achiving a...

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