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Jengibre Music / Musical business

We are an international agency that is specialized in the development and promotion of artists and music projects whose common essence is the creation of unique sounds inspired in music from all around the world.

We are passionate, professional and creative in working on musical blends surpassing the limits of genres and latitudes offering concoctions of sounds.

Our goal is to weave networks with all the players in the music business: venues, agencies, promoters, festivals, record labels, sponsors, trade fairs, and others in order to facilitate and improve the business relationships with the artists. 

We thoroughly focus on making these connections thrive, encouraging and promoting the artists´ career.

In order to achieve this goal we specialize in the main aspects of the music business:


Nuestros aliados en la MÚSICA

Cancillería argentina
Exportar Argentina
Sol Sonidos Latinos
Believe digital
VOXPOPULI Studio, Bolivia.
CEROUNO Studio, Buenos aires.
IODI MEDIA Studio, Paraguay.