Urban Latin World

With music and dance as an indestructible cord, MICA weaves, intertwines, tightens, the root-passion of the traditional sound: Latin American rhythms, flamenco, folklore, with the urban modern world: hip-hop, funk, rock, rap, jazz... To achieve an eclectic fusion of the highest quality that takes apart the boundaries and restores the emotion that happens in the collective pagan celebrations connecting us with the most visceral experience.

MICA is the creator of the Original soundtrack (writer and performer) for TV series El Recluso, producing with Alexis Estiz (NYC) for Telemundo International, launching July 15th Netflix

MICA also impacts with her performance, forging an intense, full and vibrant show, where dance and theatricality make up the essential condiment of this unique experience, and they do not let the listener escape: they will soon be dancers.

Artists with whom I have shared stages and recordings on discs: Chango Farias Gomez, Daniel Maza Trio (Uruguay), Alejandro Balbis (Uruguay), Hector Romero Flamenco, Ibrahim Ferrer Jr. (Cuba), Rascasuelos, Tremor, Big Mama Laboratory, La Mosca ('' Carnival of Alegria ''), Agayudos, Electrotango (Arrabal, Gustavo Santaolalla), Matias Broglia (Clairvoyants play), Yuruna, Red Boxes, Seed, The Glimpse of Esteko, Adrian Barrionuevo flamenco.


In US: 

-From 2015 to date as a performer, coach and artistic collaborator with the American company Double Edge Theater in its different theater-treasure-musical shows (New York, Boston, Springfield, Ashfield)

- In the process of producing the third album with Alexis Estiz, for Personal Music NYC.    

-Concert live and collaboration in the album Mundo Verde with Mr.G (winner of the Latin Grammy) Massachussets.



 - EN EL ESPEJO (in the mirror) (2018), is the product of a meticulous process of research on fusion music that examines folkloric roots of the different traditions of the world, their coincidences, their contact points; generating from there a work of fusion of enormous quality.

 - FLORES flowers) (2013), debut album. Recorded by Mica Farias Gomez and the Santadiabla group, in Estudio Urbano, Del Cielito Records and Tónica. This recording was awarded to Mica after winning the recording of this CD among 350 bands. An album full of nuances and colors, folk roots, flamenco, hip-hop, latin and funk.

Guest musicians: Chango Farías Gómez, Ricardo Culotta, Nelson Falcón Martínez, Victor Rotella, Carlos "Charly" Sánchez, Nicolás Brykman, Sergio "el negro" Morán.



(TRIO or full band presentation format)

MICA Farías Gómez (front-woman): voice and dance

Manuel Uriona: drums, percussion and programming

Rodrigo Gozalvez: Andean winds, sax, guitars, programming and choirs

Federico Benítez: guitar and choirs

Damián Benítez: bass and choruses